How to send a quote to a client using WHMCS

This tutorial assumes you’ve already logged in to your WHMCS admin panel.

Often, a client will want a customized order instead of your standard offerings. With WHMCS, you can give them an initial quote that can later be converted to an invoice.

1) To create a new quote, go to the billing menu.

2) Mouse hover quotes.

3) Click create new quote.

4) Enter a subject for the quote.

5) Choose the current stage of the quote.

6) Choose a date created and valid until date for the quote.

7) Enter information for a new client, or choose an existing one.

8) Specify any number of line items for this quote. You can only add one at first.

Scroll down.

9) Click save changes.

The quote has been saved. Scroll down.

10) Add another line item to this quote.

11) You can also add predefined product you are selling. Click add a predefined product.

12) Scroll down and save.

Once saved, a quote can be duplicated, deleted, downloaded or e-mailed as a PDF. Most importantly it can be converted to an invoice.

13) Click convert to invoice.

WHMCS 5 will show you few new options like, generate single or split invoice. You are also given an option to send notification email.

14) Choose your options and click submit.

The quote has been successfully converted into an invoice.

15) Make any necessary changes to the invoice items.

16) Click save changes.

For more details on managing invoices, watch the accompanying tutorial on that subject.

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to send a quote to a client using WHMCS.